Saturday, January 31, 2015

"the Speed of Time" chronicles life in the turblent 1960s

A new generation of readers has perhaps already forgotten the lessons of the Vietnam War. It is for these readers and for those who remember the tragedy of Vietnam that I have written the novel, "The Speed of Time." The book follows a group of friends at University during the turbulent final years of the 1960s. It is harsh, romantic and sometimes violent. Please read this novel, which I am promoting with a FREE day today and tomorrow at Amazon: And please tell all your friends about the book so that we can get the word out. This is a "little book" that needs support from readers all over the country. And please leave a review at Amazon and Goodreads. Thanks to all my friends for making "the Speed of Time" a success.
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Friday, January 30, 2015

"The Speed of Time" novel about Vietnam and the 1960s

Good morning to all my friends--and the world! I have a special request to day so I hope everyone is in the mood to help me out. I've written 12 novels over the years but "The Speed of Time" is very close to me and it is FREE today as part of an Amazon promotion. The book is about the turbulent 1960s and a group of young people during the Vietnam War. I think the book is important; it took me five years to write and I would really love to get the word out about this novel. You can pick up a copy of the book at today at NO COST. If you have the time and inclination, I would so much appreciate it if you would leave a review at Amazon and/or Goodreads. And please pass the word on about this "little" book that I think has a lot to say about that terrible and controversial time in American life. Thanks to everyone for helping me make "The Speed of Time" an Amazon best seller!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Harrowing antiwar novel FREE today at Amazon

Good morning to everyone! I need help with a special novel that I wrote over the course of five long years. The book is called "The Speed of Time" and it is a very strong antiwar novel that takes place during the turbulent 1960s Vietnam War era. It is being promoted today on Amazon and I would greatly appreciate it if you could pick up your FREE copy today at When you finish reading the novel, please tell your Facebook friends about it and, if you have time, offer a review of the book at Amazon or Goodreads. This is a "little" book withouot the usual bells and whistles so I need all the help I can muster to get the word out. Thanks to everyone for helping me with this.
The Speed of Time is an extraordinary anti-war novel that begins on a typical American campus in the late 1960s, with the Vietnam War dragging the nation and its youth into a conflict with the world–and with itself. It is a powerful novel of youth and yearning, love...

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Valerie Paxton: Our Next President, 2016

I have published an insider's take on the NEXT presidential election. Some people definitely did not want this book published but my publisher got it out anyway. It features the campaign and election of America's first female president, Valerie Paxton. Please get a FREE copy of the satirical novel today while it is being promoted on Amazon. If you love the book, feel free to leave a review of the book at Amazon or Goodreads or anywhere else. If you don't care for the book, review it anyway!
Thanks to all my Facebook fans for making "Valerie Paxton: Our Next President, 2016 a big success!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Valerie Paxton: Our Next President, 2016

My new satire about the upcoming presidential election (and the election of America's first female president) "Valerie Paxton: Our Next President, 2016, appears on Amazon for the limited time only price of FREE. Please pick up your free copy tomorrow and leave a review of the book at Amazon or Goodreads. This is going to be a big book of the campaign season and I could use your help in getting the word out! I'm excited about this project because I got to use my journalism skills and knowledge of prior national political campaigns--I used to work the campaign trail in the old days...
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Friday, January 16, 2015

America Elect its First Female President in 2016!

Does America have the balls to elect its first FEMALE PRESIDENT?
Today read for FREE my new satire about the presidential campaign of 2016 to see how Valerie Paxton becomes the first female in U.S. history to become President of the United States. The book is already generating a great deal of controversy and you can read it absolutely FREE today at Whether you love or hate the book, I would really appreciate a few reviews on Amazon or Goodreads or Both. I'm a former political journalist so this book was a labor of love for me--a real insider's view of the raucous campaign trail.