Wednesday, April 8, 2015

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Why is Washington So Upset over Netenyahu?

So it's happened. Israeli Prime Minister Binjamin Netanyahu has done the unthinkable and appeared in front of the U.S. Congress without first having his visit approved by President Obama and the Democrats. And the Democrats are not pleased. Not pleased at all.
     So we have this: the spectacle of a series of distraught Dems being paraded out in front of the news cameras to denounce Netanyahu's visit in the sharpest possible terms. This is a betrayal of the "special relationship" that Israel has with the United States, they say. Netanyahu has disgraced the President by his actions, he has disgraced the Israeli people, he has spit in the eye of all those who were-and are- so strong in support of the Israeli State and people. How could he have done such a thing-and how could he have done it to the American president who has done so much to show his support for Israel?
     A group of about fifty Democrats did not even bother to attend the speech because they were so outraged. Nancy Pelosi was apparently caught on camera, looking dour and distraught, indeed. The terrible outrage of it all!
     Why has Netanyahu's visit coaxed such vitriol from the mouths of the Democrats, who were always, after all, Israel's biggest supporters? Could it be that the opposition to the Prime Minister's visit has less to do with a perceived breach of protocol, and more to do with a golden opportunity to express a latent antisemitism that has been thus far quashed by a veneer, a pretense of civility? Until now.
     Now the chorus of poo-pooers will say this: whenever anyone disagrees with the Prime Minister of Israel or the policies of the Israeli government, that person is accused of antisemitism.
     But think about this. While it may be true that Netanyahu should not have accepted House Speaker Boehner's rather slippery and ill-timed invitation to address the Congress only two weeks before the Israeli elections, it is also true that the reaction to the visit has been so outsized, so beyond context, that Washington Spectacle can only wonder if the reasons for this "outrage" may have more to do with blatant hatred of the Jews. Yes, folks, that would be the A word-Antisemitism.
     Want proof? Here's a thought: imagine that the Prime Minister of England or the President of France had come to address the Congress, at the invitation of the Speaker of the House. Imagine that the Speaker had extended this invitation only to poke the President of the United States in the eye. Imagine that POTUS and his Party followers were very upset about the visit and the slap in the face by the opposing Party. Imagine that the Party are the Democrats or the Republicans; it doesn't matter.
     Now be honest with yourself. Can you really imagine the opposing Party expressing the kind of hatred, detestation and vitriol that the Democrats have unleashed on Netanyahu in the last two days? Can you imagine a tone of opposition so hard and unforgiving that it often sounds like accusations of treason against the United States by the visiting Dignitary? Forget about it. Would never happen.
     Unless, of course the Prime Minister of England or the President of France happened to be Jewish. All bets might be off at that point.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Vladimir Putin, Peacemaker

Another day, another "compromise" from Vladimir Putin. After months and months of sabre rattling, the jolly dictator of Russia has announced that he doesn't think it's likely that Russia and the Ukraine will end up fighting a bloody war that would engulf the region in a cataclysmic catastrophe, probably a precursor to another World War. Isn't that good news? And isn't that just another funny old line from the comedian Vlad, who all along has been leading everyone to think that war is inevitable?

That comical guy just can't stop with the practical jokes. It turns out that Russia never had any troops in Ukraine, to begin with. No, these were all just "sympathetic people" using expensive Russian-made weapons to beat the crap out of the Ukrainian people. Where these "sympathizers" got hold of these weapons is anyone's guess, and Vlad is not venturing to say. Anyway, all is well now, and we can all just lean back and take a collective deep breath. Russian and Ukraine are all ready to play nice. The only ones who haven't gotten this message are those stubborn folks in Ukraine, who just keep dying and dying every day while weapons that came from nowhere continue to bathe their country in rivers of blood. Rivers of blood that aren't manufactured in Russia...

Monday, February 23, 2015

Sherlock Homes and the Real Estate Murders

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

World War Three Begins

Welcome to World War Three
With each passing day, it is becoming more obvious that the conflict in Syria, Libya and Iraq is something more than a regional conflagration, a set of local issues that will be resolved locally, and without risk to adjoining countries, Europe and the West. It is becoming more obvious that what the world stands on the cusp of is nothing less than world war. That would be World War Three, ladies and gentlemen.
What has the response been to all of this rattling? Confusion and no small measure of shock, minus the awe. With Europe just two hundred miles from the epicenter of a very volatile conflict in Libya, a conflict that has already seen dozens and dozens of beheadings, burnings and barbaric acts, the response has been less than clear and focused. It has been, frankly, weak, ill-focused and flimsy at best.
And what has the nominal Leader of the Free World had to say about all of this? Well, that's a good question, and one that seems to be answered more by deeds--or lack of them--than by serious resolve. Obama seems as frozen-in-place as any of the European leaders. The people who make decisions just don't seem to know what to do about this very new, very untested adversary. And someone had better figure something out quickly because, in a matter of another year or two, we may well find ourselves mired in a conflict that will cost not dozens of human lives--but millions.
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Monday, December 22, 2014

Robert Price Rifkin: 60 Seconds - chapters 1-4

Robert Price Rifkin: 60 Seconds - chapters 1-4:

Sixty Seconds

Finally, there is only the beginning, and the beginning is always hard to remember, and even harder to isolate. You rec...

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ferguson burns, the national media has a collective orgasm

So another day, another riot in America. The dust had far from settled on the decision of the Ferguson grand jury when the rioters were already out on the streets of the small town in Mo. vented their collective distaste for the Jury's decision. Washington Spectacle can easily understand the frustration of the protesters. But it seems to me that there is a more serious issue to address here, and that issue if media complicity in the fires that are raging in Ferguson.
I spent most of the day yesterday watching the coverage of the events in Ferguson from the safe vantage of my bedroom television and frankly, what I saw disgusted me in ways that surprised me. Sure, this is an important news event that is being closely watched all over the United States, and even in far away places abroad. But the coverage of Ferguson yesterday begs the question: when is enough enough?
The press seemed to be collectively salivating like hungry lions at the prospect of a savage riot breaking out if the Jury's findings "went the wrong way." Apparently the media got its wish, because hours later Ferguson was on fire, a fire that the media must take more than a little responsibility for. Let's call it the fire of the agitated broadcasters...