Monday, July 28, 2014

The Impeachment of Barack Obama: 2014 campaign strategy for the Republicans. has been following the latest strategic moves by the Republican Party and we’ve got some interesting observations for this spanking new Monday morning.
 It’s not secret that the Republicans are poised to make a big splash in the midterm elections, in less than a year. The Obama administration is mired in the usual second-term blues and the nation seems ready to throw anyone associated with that administration to the political wolves.
 But, like Richard Nixon, who was on the cusp of a historic second-term victory in 1972, the Republicans just can’t seem to take their imminent victory for granted. They need something more, something big, something that will assure their history-making victory.
 And that thing they need is called impeachment of the president. Many Republicans think that a big, public show–impeachment–will give them the edge they need to assure that victory. Look for more and more talk of impeachment as the election draws closer. And more and more talk of the present administration’s “impeachable offenses.”
This is, of course, nonsense. Obama may not be the greatest president in U.S. history but has he committed...impeachable offenses? Impeachment has become a political tool, not a stop-gap against criminal offenses. That’s not what the founding fathers intended it to be. And using it for political purposes is not only dangerous. It’s...silly. And it may backfire on those who decide to jump on the bandwagon.

Who was America’s Best President

If you ask me––that is one of the most ridiculous questions making the rounds of the TV politico-chat fests these days. That question is everywhere, as if things are so bad in this country that the only logical questions is: when, in our history, did we do so much better, when was our judgment so much better tuned to the times?
Washington? Check. Lincoln? Check? Reagan? Check, if you sit on the right side of the national divide. Clinton? Check if you sit on the left side of the national divide? Obama? This is probably a bad time to ask.
But that’s the problem, and that’s why the question is totally irrelevant. The times are the times, and the times are special to the times. One era’s president is another era’s disaster. If you take one of these supposedly great presidents and give them a whole other set of problems, their reactions might be altogether unsatisfactory. Wars, technology, culture–they all change with the times and presidents react to the times they’re serving in, and also to the people they served. Opinions change, outlooks change, politics certainly changes. We need to start looking at presidents in the context of their times and stop wondering what it would be like if they were still around to steer the wobbly ship of state.
It wouldn’t be that surprising to find that one of those “great” presidents from a hundred years ago would today be attacked and reviled for being ineffectual, confused, do-nothing, do too-much, socialist, communist, fascist etc.
President Obama, anyone?

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Where is Hillary? has been wondering about this. There have been reams and reams of newsprint, and hours and hours of airtime spent dissecting the whereabouts of the President of the United States during the recent spate of world catastrophes. The polls have not been kind to President Obama, as he seems to put the war in the Middle East, the bombing of the Malaysian plane, and numerous other serious world events, on the back-burner, travelling the country from one end to another, raising funds for the Democratic Party and seeming oblivious the sound of Rome falling.

 But another questions arises: where is Hillary Clinton, the presumed party nominee in 2016? Clinton was all over the map before all these word events took center state. Out in the field in what looked very much like a campaign offensive, Clinton was selling her new autobiography and sounding very much like a candidate. But now, the Clinton camp has gone seriously silent.

 And that’s good news for the Clintons, and good news for the country. Because, at a time like this, candidates for president–presumed and not–should not be debasing the national and world conversation with selling points for a presidential campaign. Clinton is doing exactly the right thing by remaining quiet–in the same way that former president Bush has refused to comment publicly on controversial Obama administration decisions.

 If Clinton really wants to be President of the United States she would be well advised to keep out of the fray for a while. Because, as they say in TV land, everything you say on the campaign trail can, and will be used against you.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Raising the minimum wage...?

America always prides itself on being a generous country. Americans are always willing to to do their best when people around the world need help. We're the first with supplies and manpower when disasters of all severity and variety come to foreign lands. Well, has some news for you. When it comes to helping our own people? Not so much. The "debate" over raising the minimum wage has taken on a peculiarly nasty tone of late and Republicans, in particular seem to think that people should kind of appreciate working for starvation wages in this richest of nations. Maybe its time to reduce the Congressional pay down to minimum wage and see how the Representatives and Senators feel about the issue then?

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Where are the Republican front runners?

The presidential campaign of 2016 is upon us realizes that this is hard to comprehend–when did presidential elections start three years in advance?) and the Democrats clearly have their candidate in place (barring the appearance of some “other” candidate, of course: place smiley, winky, lol here).
Where is the Republican who will lead the conservative charge into the next election? The Republicans would seem to be in a good position to challenge the Dems. They are poised to take control of both house of Congress in the next off-year election. The popularity of the president is at all time lows. The country appears to be in somewhat of a war-weary, economy-strained funk.
According to Republican-watchers, the time is right for a change in the White House. Yet there seems to be no serious contender for the throne. The party is fractured in a way that recalls the glory days of the Democrats. Dems are famous for fighting within their own ranks, but this “civil war” between Republicans is really something dramatic and new. With each passing day, it seems less likely that the Republicans are going to fall behind a single banner carrier. And their time is passing quickly. 2016 is around the corner, just three short years away. The Democrats are already drawing up the blueprints for eight fresh years at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

What makes Washington tick?

I have a proposal to make. I want to give a million dollars to the man or woman who can explain what makes Washington tick. I write about the upside down universe of D.C. politics. There’s never a shortage of things to skewer. D.C. is the most dysfunctional place in America, maybe the world. That million dollars will only be awarded if the man or woman who takes the challenge can explain to our liking exactly how things got so screwed up in the Capital. And the million will be awarded only if some super rich donor comes along and is willing to give me the big bucks so that I can pass it on to the worthy winner. All right, so all of the stuff you’ve just read it baloney, nonsense, untrue. There is no billion, there will be no million. I just made it all up, out of thin air.
Just like all the stuff you read about Washington and it’s pols. Wouldn’t it be nice if, just for one day, everything about the workings of D.C. became super transparent? If we were able to really understand the way the mechanisms work? If the politicians on Capital Hill acted like the grownups the nation so desperately needs?
Dream on. And don’t cash that million dollar check. It ain’t coming...

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Israel is GUILTY!

Israel is guilty! This morning, has something really important to say. Israel is guilty! It is past time to admit what we’ve all been thinking. Yes, it’s true that Hamas has been raining down bombs on the cities and civilians of Israel for years and years. And, yes, it’s true that they are responsible for the deaths of three innocent young Israeli boys. And, yes it is true that they have consistently refused to negotiate in good faith with Israel because, as they have stated again and again, their goal is the destruction and disappearance of the Israeli state.
Israel has no right to carry on a defensive war against Hamas. It has no right to engage in rude behavior with it’s supposed “enemy,” an enemy that does nothing but attack it on a daily and hourly basis. Israel has shown no inclination to let its cities be successfully attacked by Hamas bombs, which are, after all, nothing less than deeply-felt presents from Gaza. How incredibly nasty of Israel, and how very unappreciative these Israelis have proven to be. After all these years.
So now, as Secretary of State Kerry has said, after Israel has shown itself to be unwilling to carry on a TRUE pinpoint operation, it is time to face the fact that Israel is guilty. Think about that for a moment.

Israel, it is time to own up to your culpability. Lay down your weapons, bring back your troops, and nullify your Iron Dome against oncoming Hamas rockets. It’s the only decent thing to do. Everyone will feel a lot better when you do these things. The world will respect you more than it does now.